Rectus femoris release (Quadriceps)

using a Blackroll

vimeo-symbol_93pxThis is a key exercise in treating pelvic dysfunction. A cramped rectus femoris muscle will pull on your pelvis and rotate the ilium forward. Releasing tension from the rectus is therefore crucial to prevent pelvic dysfunction. Always combine the exercise with a psoas release technique. The rectus femoris muscle will not relax if the psoas muscle remains cramped. Make sure to roll out the whole length of the muscle, starting down at the knee and rolling all up to the hip. For a more intense workout, you can use the Duoball instead.



Blackroll – the Blackroll is a great fascial roller that should be found in every dancers bag. This tool makes daily „self-myofascial release“ an easy task. Some dancers prefer the Trigger Point Roll over the Blackroll because it offers a bit of cushioning. This can be helpful for very thin dancers that feel discomfort on the spinal processes when rolling out the spine.




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