Professional calf and foot release


vimeo-symbol_93pxThis extended routine includes the release of the foot and calf to target all kinds of foot pain and overuse problems of the foot and ankle. Many muscles of the lower leg have their tendons attached to the foot so that a release of the lower leg muscles can be necessary to treat foot issues.



Duoball – the Duoball is the evolution from the classic „two tennis balls in a sock“ concept. It is a great tool to deeply release muscles and the fascia. It has some advantages over a classic foam roller like the Blackroll, as it allows to roll closer to the bony tendon insertions like on the Achilles or the patella tendon. The release is also more intense – a must-have for advanced users!

Lacrosse Ball – Lacrosse balls are still not easy available all over Europe, but as they are becoming more and more popular with the „crossfit“ movement, there is no problem buying them online. The lacrosse ball is the perfect tool to release small muscles and local cramps. Alternatively you could use a golf or tennis ball, but you should give this perfect tool a try!

Blackroll Mini – this is the Blackroll’s little sister. It’s a great tool to release the small foot muscles and the plantar fascia.




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