Complete stretching routine


vimeo-symbol_93pxLoosen tense muscles, increase flexibility, and improve your dance training! This complete stretching routine targets the most common dysfunctions in dancers and is the perfect complement to any workout. Use this routine before or after your regular workout or on days off from the studio.


Blackroll – the Blackroll is a great fascial roller that should be found in every dancers bag. This tool makes daily „self-myofascial release“ an easy task. Some dancers prefer the Trigger Point Roll over the Blackroll because it offers a bit of cushioning. This can be helpful for very thin dancers that feel discomfort on the spinal processes when rolling out the spine.

Lacrosse Ball – Lacrosse balls are still not easy available all over Europe, but as they are becoming more and more popular with the „crossfit“ movement, there is no problem buying them online. The lacrosse ball is the perfect tool to release small muscles and local cramps. Alternatively you could use a golf or tennis ball, but you should give this perfect tool a try!

Pilates Ball – the Pilates Ball is a soft and confortable ball that allows precise workout and stretching for the neck muscles. Make sure to not inflate it too hard.




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