My name is Dr. Gregor Deitmer. I am a sports physician, specializing in performing arts medicine, and am proud to work with some of Switzerland’s most accomplished and celebrated ballet dancers.
The unique blend of intense physicality and graceful artistry means that dancers’ bodies function in quite a different way to those of most other athletes, and the orthopedic problems they commonly face are never simple. It can therefore be quite difficult for dancers to find appropriate and specialist dance-related medical information online.

I have launched this blog to direct dancers towards the most useful and up to date professional information and advice, and to help them understand the complex mechanisms that lead to the most frequent orthopedic issues. My aim is to inspire dancers to search for the underlying causes of their problems – and work on them – rather than to settle for superficial treatments.

In my posts, I focus on the diagnosis and treatment of muscle dysfunction. As a dancer, you will be all too familiar with the reality of this condition: it’s those cramped muscles that cause stiff legs and achy backs on a regular basis. Muscle dysfunction is often caused by overtraining and insufficient rest; it can lead to overuse and even contribute to dance accidents. I invite you to learn about the effects of muscle dysfunction on your body and to explore the many effective treatments and exercises available to keep your muscles going!

Feel free to share this blog with your friends, and to pass on your discoveries!

Thanks! Gregor